I, the Wolf

January 14, 2010
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A wolf,
Great hunter,
Of an irreplaceable plunder,
For my un-conceived pups, a mother,
Now I’ve found you, to be above all others.

I howl,
You growl,
Are we not,
Quite beautifully unsound?

We unite,
Form a pack.
In the light,
Our compassions stack.
Through the night,
We rest.
In our dreams,
Our love confessed.

My fierce mane,
Your warm coat,
We bare the name,
Upon which the cowards choke.

My scars,
Your wounds,
Of the heart,
Shall heal soon.
We share our warmth,
In bitter cold.
We travel north,
Adventures to unfold.
I hunt down our meal,
You patiently wait and lay.
And when I come back from the kill,
Your affections gives way.

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