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Judy Cutie

January 14, 2010
By Anonymous

An ancient,
fired librarian,
who deserved it.

She’d give you
the most evil look of all,
that’d make you think
she was the daughter of
Satan himself.
It would slice your brain in half,
giving you a migraine which
seemed to last for an
Her long black hair
and witch-like green fingernails
seemed to send a shrill down
everyone’s spine.
Her old wrinkly skin,
with the
creepy echo of her clanking
black high heels
consumed you,
and her disgusting-sounding
frog-in-her-throat voice
made you to never want
to never want to return to school
ever again.

Even when she was
at home, sick,
no one ever dared to
make a disruption,
for her black ceramic
cat, ‘Bony Legs’ watched
over us all.

Eventually, we saw
her obituary in the local
newspaper, nobody ever
wanting to speak of her
Bad memories,
all had wished
to forget.

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