God Has Made this Love Human

January 14, 2010
By Chlosepher BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Chlosepher BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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“Please forgive the cruel world for making human of me a god will fall for the love in me selfish and selfless how can you contain your empathy”

Empathy has insubstantial meaning. And god has made me love but I am not for it. Has blessed me with a gentleness that steals hearts. But empathy is not me, no I am apathy. Jealous that I am branded to teach it but never to have it. Like air I grasp for it but I’ll never hold it in my hands. Eyes soundlessly produce tears but they can never be mine. I am foolish? Do I not fully understand my purpose? The hearts of many are mine but I yearn for my own. For my own touches and kisses, for whispers against my skin that promise forever. For fingertips to caress skin that is cold and hardened by a past not understood. So no, forgive me for the cruel world has made me human. With flaws that I fear are disappointing and uncongenial. You are right to want more and I do not condemn you for it.

The author's comments:
Me and my ex have been reconnecting and he has been telling me his mistakes and he wrote the top part for me and this is my reply.

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