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Because of Love

January 14, 2010
By Nick27 BRONZE, West Chester, Pennsylvania
Nick27 BRONZE, West Chester, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"You Shall Not weep if I close my Eyes forever"

Our definition of mom is fantastic, exceptional
In Times beyond compare, I could see the fire burn
She is free for the first time and there is no more weeping
Our hearts beat as one as the final moment comes
I hold her hands as the warmth slips away
O feel the cold droplet on my nose and watch it fall
The hands that were once warm are cold as death
My heart sinks with dread and gloom
I feel the arms of my loved ones embrace me
We all see light for the first time in a while
Life is a time-bomb waiting to go off at that moment
You shall not weep or cry as I leave forever
But my impact will be this as you read my life
Broken down into parts that are so deep its unimaginable
If your quiet enough you can hear my heart beat
Speeding up with pride and fire, slowing when sleeping
Look into the eyes looking out of a mirror
See yourself and stat crying at the end
Sunlight shines on the gorgeous face of my love
My face is unreadable but admirable
Running away will only get you further behind
Embrace yourself and let go for its time
Life seeps between your eyes as you lie on your back
You close your eyes forever

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