January 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Walking down the street, a sorrowful man seeks a way out. Some way to start over.
Empty beer bottles surround the place he calls home, needles marks surround his arms,
right next to the bracelet charms. Agift from his baby daughter, now years older than he can remember.
Tears sting his eyes, loking at the littles girl's picture he cries.
With just himself and no one else to blame, he sees his life as a total shame.
He use to play life like it was just a game
but now he's lost and can't get a new pawn.
He walks by what use to be his own green lawn.
"Should I knock?" he wonders silently.
To them it wouldn't be a surprise if he dies, drugs take over a family with no closier.
Run away or stay?
He walks to the door and is greeted with tearfull hugs,
But what really hurts id his little girl just shrugs.
She walks up to her room, dieing a bit inside
thinking of all the times he left and lied.Always thought it was somehow her fault.
Wishing he was there for so much more, she quickly slams the door.
He runs up skipping a stair
Hoping to God that she would forgive or even care.

But not everything can be forgotten

The author's comments:
origionally there was a happy ending but i had to be realistic, things dont always turn out that way

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