Confessions of a Senior

January 4, 2010
I must confess
My mass day dress was too short.
I wore my hoodie during first and
Couldn’t help but to quench my thirst in the computer lab.

I feel bad for pushing that freshman in the hallway,
He was going to slow and I had to pass.
I texted in class hoping that the teacher
Wouldn’t see.
I just had to know what happened to her.

I sat in the link when I wasn’t supposed to and
Waited for that look teachers give when they
Know that you know that you shouldn’t be there.
So eventually I would go.

I should have gotten more sleep at home
Instead of taking naps in class.
Supposed to be learning about people
Making formulas, maps, wars.
I couldn’t help it.

I must confess
I should have gotten more jugs than I did
But I hid my crimes so well.
I feel somewhat bad for my actions
But it’s senior year baby,
I’ll be getting out of here soon.

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