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The Gift

January 4, 2010
By dancegirl2012 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
dancegirl2012 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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He calls my name
And I see him walking toward me
I panic, thinking
“Does my hair look okay?”
“Did my make up start to run?”

Just a little bit closer
Now I see his blonde hair
And blue eyes.
There is the feeling
In my stomach again.

He reaches me
And he is holding a
Present wrapped in green
With a red bow.
I see him reach out to give
It to me and my mind races.

He watches me open it hoping
I like it.
I can feel my face light up
As I lift up the glass angel.

He says, “I hope she will protect you.”
I look up and the butterflies return.

He walks closer and I can’t breath.
Slowly, he kisses me.

I had waited
For this
For a long time
And it was
Just as wonderful as I
Had hoped it would be.

“Merry Christmas.”
I answer back,
“Merry Christmas to you too.”
As he asks for my number,
I think to myself,
“Best gift ever.”

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