Peaceful Serenity

January 3, 2010
By CarleyA BRONZE, La Mesa, California
CarleyA BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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I dream of a place I can go and be content,
With all my qualms and fears I am so spent,
A place I can run wild and free.
Because day to day life is so ever so changing like a TV.
A place I can be alone,
I would sit there as if I were a queen on her throne,
Surrounded by nothing but peaceful serenity,
I just wish I could just figure out my identity.
Who am I? and Where am I going?
I am me and in the past couple months I have done nothing but growing.
What is my purpose? And how do I get there?
Man do I wish this place would just appear.
I want to be free
I know that this is where I want to be
I want the feeling a kid gets while left alone to roam a toy store,
But now back reality, I know this wont happen anymore.

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