January 3, 2010
By PinkeyPromise BRONZE, Cayce, South Carolina
PinkeyPromise BRONZE, Cayce, South Carolina
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Under the covers,
safe and sound.
But in the dark,
begin to drown.

Black closeing in,
choking on fear.
Silently screaming,
can anyone hear?

The safety of the light,
is now gone any away.
Monsters and boggy man,
now come to stay.

Close your eyes,
try to sleep.
Into your pillow,
begin to weep.

The morning can't,
come soon enough.
This long night has,
been too rough.

The sun comes up,
big and bright.
The light that you,
prayed for all night.

Get some sleep,
dear little child.
This long night,
has been to wild.


The author's comments:
Achluophobia- Fear of darkness

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