This Type Like

January 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I, like, only kinda like
you. I, like, kinda wanna
hang out with you and stuff.


I like to stay near you on field trips so when we sit together on the bus our thighs, like, press together. I, like, like the way you
like to laugh at, like, everything

I laugh about. Like, I like to
hear you ask me questions ‘cause you
don’t get what’s, like, going

on in science but I kinda like to tell you the
sorta wrong answer just so I keep,
like, talking to you.

I like when you
wear perfume that


smells so sweet. I like those little sweaters
you like to wear that don’t cover
all of your arm because that gives
me a chance to, like, give you my jacket

to, like, keep you warm. I like
to go to our boring school dances because
I like to see what you wear when
we’re not at school. You know that

time when you like told me
about the new Miley Cyrus song you like?
I would have liked to not have talked to you
about that but I like the sound of your voice
so I, like, stayed. I like how every-so-often

you like wear your hair in curls
just because it makes me like you even

Like, I guess I, like,
like like you and stuff.

The author's comments:
I listened to Shihan's 'This Type Love' in my English class a little while before I wrote this poem. I knew I couldn't write a poem as good as his but I gave my best shot at emulating him in my own way.

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