January 3, 2010
To him I pass by, unnoticed.
Unworthy of time or acknowledgement.

Wearing a mask of cruel, unyielding steel
That lets him see no light in my eyes.

Smothering the sparkle in my smile, and dousing the emotions that
Give away everything my heart is trying to conceal.

He sees nothing but the mask.
While I lie invisible behind his judgments which have created my metal prison.

Today I wear a dark façade
Manifested with the insecurities that consume me.

Welcome to the masquerade.
Here you witness a different, unrecognizable me.

Wearing the mask of a writer-
Crippled with happiness and woe.

Creating stained pages of
anger and bliss.

To them I am merely a dancer-
A confident lacey mask, graceful and sure.

An expressive and eager student.
But underneath a hidden, terrified teacher.

The silk mask shows my passion
And reveals my love for you

But the crimson color can only
Hide the scars to the untrained eye; colorblind and uncaring bystanders.

She notices my white mask.

Promising a future full of opportunities.
But she cannot comprehend the lines of worry

And apprehension that linger under the surface.
But she sees what I want her to-

They all see what I want them to.
Bits and pieces at a time.

Never unmasking all at once.
Playing a new, undefined role for every soul I meet.
The acting is pure I assure you.
And only for my safety.

For when she sees my laughter,
Feels the emanating joy…

My tears are able to go unannounced.
Leaving silent trails of sorrow behind the violet mask of ambition and hope.

The colors, textures of my life-
Change as quickly and boldly as when the seasons sweep unsuspecting months off their feet.

Twirling around,
A vast array of emotions- countless faces.

But the pretense shall fail and fall
As all unchained truths must waltz to the forefront of our minds

Pushing back everything we want to be
To uncover who we truly are…

A friend. A foe.
An acquaintance.
A stranger.

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