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"Meditative Melody"

January 3, 2010
By DisenchantedDancer111 SILVER, Deville, Louisiana
DisenchantedDancer111 SILVER, Deville, Louisiana
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"It is captivating the way the stars still shine... Even when they are surrounded by overwhelming darkness"

Sitting in the
lot of an abandoned church
Contemplating Life
on the other side of the
road by a thousand forgotten dreams…
tombstones etched with memories
underneath the thriving family of pine trees-
growing- reaching
the bright blue Heavens above.
The glistening sun casts shadows
on the strangers passing by…
too busy to care
about a wondering poet and a wandering child.
Alone with my musical melody
and my thoughts
Alone, and I couldn’t be happier.
They showed me the secrets of Life
through the glory of quiet observation
If every day were an autumn breeze-
you would hear Them too.
Whispering words
of comfort and hope-
that erase years of despair
in the time it takes to blink.
If only every day were a fall song-
carrying the tunes of angels themselves.
If only every day love was the tangible smell of fresh air.
Cleansing and untainted- as leaves
of multi-colored bliss bless the Earth
with their Divine dance.
If only every day hypocrisy was
buried under the truth
and the azul sky
reflected no sorrow
but only the joyful Melody that sounds
like a gentle Autumn Breeze…

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