Ocean At My Feet, Swallow Me

January 3, 2010
Waiting for the lights, asleep my pain away
feeling it all but nothing,
I like this
waiting for replies
wake me up with everything I never wanted to hear
Don’t send, don’t keep; our memories divorce
who wants this, I can’t throw it away
I tried to erase you but you just smeared, you
Splintered lines, same sound
I wish you’d stop eating me
such a familiar place, I’m stuck here
side of the highway, I’m burning
I don’t want to be here like this but I can’t run away
Turn around, divorce your memory, I know what you want
I can’t find my heart in the pile, I’m not there
Fast forward, repeat, slow down, you lost me
I want to catch you to keep you to bite you
but I throw you back
Swim away, you will
move shadows,
Deeply in, fake me out
I’m not good at this
Try to find the right tune to set this to
the scene reserved for you
like I want to scream, I need to bleed
breaking all my broken pieces, please.

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