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See you later or Good-bye.

January 3, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a dark rainy day
I could tell something bad would happen
Last night I would night forget
That girl, she had a fit.
I kept her up all night, my snoring gave her a fright
She was my very best friend
We been there through thick and thin
It was the last time we would share together
Laughter and fright we indured together
Struggles we both knew
The future we wish wouldn't come
But tomorrow would soon come
Follow the nissan to the airport
Thoughts in my mind would divide
How could this be
Now I would be left behind
Just little old me
Tears that I cried as she left me behind
New friends we both would meet
As I begin to cry and say good-bye
Inside I knew our souls would 0once again meet,
My very best friend
I soon will once again see!

The author's comments:
A real friend.

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