Love is Such a Twisted Game

January 3, 2010
By family_includes_I GOLD, Sciliy, Other
family_includes_I GOLD, Sciliy, Other
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I look at him
He smiles back
I try to smile
But instead I look down
And blush
He turns away
Talking to his giggling girlfriend
I want to cry
I'm mad at myself
I sigh, real loud
He turns back around
And gives me this funny look
This time I smile
A kind of:
"That was a little weird" smile
And I look around
Pretending that it wasn't me
And it ISN'T me
Usually I'm outgoing and loud
But everytime I see him
I get a pain in my heart
And a tongue tied feeling
I frown and turn
Away, Knowing
That we'll never be together

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