Getting Over It

January 3, 2010
By Anonymous

This is me
That is you
Tattooed on my heart
Without the ink

Every time I try to forget
My thoughts are lodged
Back to the times I’ve tried
To quit you.

I talk to that ever knowing friend
She tells me I’ll get over it eventually
I thank her
Tell her I’ll try.

But if I try, I’m right back on
Square One Avenue
Somewhere in between Pathetic Drive
And a street no one likes to wander.

I wish I could help the pain I feel inside
The tears only you hold the key to
You have no idea how much you’ve hurt me
You probably don’t remember me.

The author's comments:
When writing this, I was going through a tough spurt of depression. I called a friend at the height of this depression, I believe, and I guess this is what inspired the poem.

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