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You. Me. And This Song.

January 3, 2010
By DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
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Your hands were barely on the wheel,and it seemed our hearts were
brand new.
Your voice carried through the vibrations of the windshield,
and down my toes on the dashboard,
and as it seemed you couldn't focus on much besides the lyrics of a love song,
and the yellow lines embracing your car,
but then,...
you kissed my hand,

and you immitated the words,
you sang your lullaby and carressed my fingers with yours,
the tempers around us seemed to be cooling, and the stars seemed to be chilled with anticipation,
because even as different as our hearts cry,
it seems they still cry the same thing,
and when I cry bekuz I think you never
think or
feel or
care of anybody else...
you alwaz kiss my hand,

because it's taken the silence of rooms and the darkness of a metallic machine to keep our voices rolling,
and it seems like it's been decades since I first met you.
Where we were and where we've been,
something so beautifully new seems to be harnessed within our rage,
and of all our fights of
when and why,
we often forget the how,
of how much we truely care,
and when you kiss my hand,
I start to remember.

because I've heard this song a thousand times,
and I've heard this singers song quite a dozen,
and i've seen you grip steering wheels, pieces of paper, and incessant control while dangling
these words on your lips.
and while gripping control and
consumating fury beyond imagine because our worlds do not match and we're enraged bekuz
our hearts somehow do,
you gripped my hand...
while singing this song,
the same way you always do,
and yet,
tonight with miles behind us and a destination still replacing rubber on cement in front of us,
it seems i'm finally hearing your real singing voice,

and then you kissed my hand...

...and suddenly this song feels so new.

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