A Love Letter.

January 3, 2010
By DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
The best feeling in life is doing what what someone said could not be done.

My heart is heavy and my fibers tangled.
The night is not falling the same without you.
Because my cells are crying your name
and my mind writes nothing but love letters...
to you.

Because I was but a shadow before you.
And my knees weren't love sick for you,
but ill with pain because my heart
may not have been beating again
until your voice heated the night.
Barely beating but dying with expressions
for you.

Because I was only vacant
before you wrapped your securities around me.
my cheeks were made of tear stains
and my bath tub only filled with sorrows.
My curtains hung by the breaths I would hold
until you'd run your fingers across my hair and
My stars weren't falling down my walls for us
but burning on my skin
because of you.

Because I was simply a phantom
until my feet danced with yours
on sheets cooled with brash hardships
that the world would not carry
but our shoulders would.
My pages fall the way your eyelashes would,
down shifted blades of unconscience moments
and concealed conflictions because my
heart folds
towards you.

Because I was an empty vase until
My soul jumped as your fingers entangled mine
And I had forgotten what it was like to feel
a sensation other than sadness.
My heart sung your name when
you'd kiss my forehead and my temple,
and my skin started to weep every time
you were laying right next to me
while I could still be
missing you.

I was but a preview to the livng until
My hair bruised into ashes when you'd
swipe it away from my face
and my eyes spoke volumes for ages
when we'd wrap ourselves within breaths of dreams
and fell into serene promises of something new.
I told myself I would never feel conflicted like this
for you.

And tonight while I put your shirt over my shadow
hoping it would still smell like you and
place my fingertips on your side of the bed
wishing your forehead would crease my vacancy,
I pretend my blanket is your arms
and let cries take over my emptiness.
And thru thick mascara and tearing eye liner
I opened my phantom eyes and sighed
because I've found a secret to living my life...

I fall asleep easier when you whisper sweet dreams.

The author's comments:
I miss my love.

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