January 3, 2010
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This is the nightmare number 11 for this week and the most horrible one.

I can’t bear to live in this misery forever, I must find a way

Every time I go to sleep, I pray to God to keep the sleep demons away from my imaginations.

‘’Please God, evacuate my head, let me taste the beauty of serenity. ’’

And the next nightmare is always terrible than the preceding one.

Seeds of insomnia are growing here inside; I begin to fear from the idea of sleeping or even talking a nap.

I keep my eyes open and try to keep my mind busy to struggle in the battle of fears and hopes.

Three days now with a pathetic looking and miserable unconscious state.

I decided to go out in the street and find anything to do in order to keep me awake, then I took the bus to reach the land of nowhere and hide behind the walls of fear.

I sat in the backseat, and starred at the walls for few minutes while my mouth is open and eyes are turning maroon.

Strange passengers…

I saw this man before like I know him from years and years, oh I remembered, he was standing by the door from 2 minutes, now he is sitting beside me!

Time intervals are mixed up creating deceiving short memory that appears to be days and years.

Is it Wednesday or Thursday? I guess its Sunday..

Down to the dark streets again, few beggars are sleeping on the sidewalk while the envy grows in my heart, I’m so tired that I can’t even walk, but every time that eyelids hit my eyes, I saw them roaming in my mind, those bloody nightmares chasing me everywhere.

Streets are darker now.

Walking buildings, massive ships, a complete Zoo are talking a ride in a rollercoaster travelling here, there, and everywhere.

Hallucination had possessed my brain!

Seven days passed and I’m still alive, counting the differences between my face and its image reflected on the mirror of the bathroom.

I walked outside the bathroom to find four men dressed completely in white running hysterically in the main hall, I gazed again…

Wild animals chasing Tarzan in this narrow passage.

Is it Donald Duck passing by me or I’m just imagining?!!

I went hardly to my room to find a strange man setting in front of my desk, then suddenly a young woman entered the room yelling:

‘’Doctor, help us, patients are running away.’’

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