3 words

January 2, 2010
If I told you I love you
what would you say?
would you say it back?
or would you leave?
would you abandon me?
over 3 words?
3 words so deadly
they can eather destroy or create
3 words that can send a relationship to hell
3 words that can create something
so pure and good
it's how you chose to use them
I want to tell you I love you
but do I risk the hurt?
I once herd someone tell me
"the truth is, everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to decide who is worth the pain"
your more than worth it
but if I tell you
it gives you power
the controls to my heart
if you were to turn against me
I'd be defenceless
but whats life without a little risk
some how
I trust you
and that scares me
I've never felt a love like this
your so unpredictable
so different
unlike anything I've ever known
I like it
your perfect in every way
you know what to say
you actually care
being myself is easy when we talk
I don't have to pretend
I can never be mad at you
it's impossible
booming with laughter
I can hear you smile
I'd do anything to keep you laughing
to keep you smiling
I could listen to you talk forever
I love the sound of your vioce
so calming and irrisistable
your worth those 3 words
I love you
but it's to bad I'll never get to say them to you
a boy like you
would never fall for someone like me
there's nothing specail about me
I'm not pritty
I'm not smart
I'm nothing
3 words taunting me
laughing at the ach
the wanting of your love
will never be
3 words
I love you

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