January 2, 2010
Painted smiles washed away
with real ones
guarded eyes
open there gates
a broken heart
completly mended
not a scar in place
pretnece emotions of happieness
gone and replaced with the real thing
a mind so heavily shielded
turns to an open book
my life like a half read novel
now complete
pearly whites reveal them selves
dimples demanding a ancore
while laughter echos through me
the words I love you
send my "wings" to work
butterflies clouding my mind
while thoughts of you
send me to an island of bliss
flaws turn to perfection
you make me love you
with evey word spoken
you bring out the best in me
a side of me that belongs to you
I'd give you my heart
but you already stole it
I love you
more than the indescribable can describe.

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