Kindly, Kind of, Confused

January 2, 2010
Your eyes hold no bearing to the future.
Big and bright as they are,
Kindly confused and chastise withheld,
You hold me here in the bonding grasp that is your calming presence.
Your voice and laugh are the air I breathe,
A second nature to me,
If you will.
Don’t you realize how far we’ve come?
From mere acquaintance,
To buddy and friend,
Then practically a sister,
And now a love like fire.
You don’t notice,
I’m sure.
But if so,
Your eyes reveal nothing to be seen.
Some days I hope,
Some nights I pray,
Will you reject me?
The thought that stays awake within gnaws frantically;
Always on the edge of my conscious,
Asking and taunting;
When will your kindly confusing eyes finally see…
And finally refuse?

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