January 2, 2010
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A rainy, foggy one
Whose clouds cover the world
In their blanket of gray
The light is like no other
It is gray
But it sill lights the way
The water of the ocean
Churns and wakes
It splashes at the shores
Waiting for a victim
The roads are coated silver
Shining in the light of passing cars
The trees seem to weep
Hanging their heads low
Hiding from the wind and rain
The houses look sullen
Quieted by the gray
The cars whizzing by
Seem to know the road
But not what lies ahead
The rain trails down the window like the tears of a young one
But still the world looks new
Like the rain and wind
Is washing it clean
Wiping the grime from the people
Blowing clean the trees
And washing away the fear
This rainy day is no like others
Yet it seems no different
Let it come

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