Confessions of a Child

January 2, 2010
By darkhairedalice BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
darkhairedalice BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
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Favorite Quote:
Personal quote? like, something that I said myself? or just my favorite quote? I'll put both.
"There is no good guy in war"
"The beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair"
"Prince Charming is gay. He were's tights and rides a white pony."

You must understand
the reason I'm differant
is that I'm but a child.
A dark haired Alice
a social deviant
friends with the famouse cat that smiled
The cat whose dissapearing grin
left my in the world I'm in.
"Oh what are we to do with you"
is what grown people say
as I tickle the keys with a face of delight
and live life day by day.
Take me back to Wonderland
Take me through the Mirror
Take me through the Looking Glass
Anywhere but here.

The author's comments:
I know it's not really fitting together, but I don't know if I want to conform to a certain style of poetry. I'm not even really sure how poetry works.

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