January 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Jealousy is the color of an emerald rock
It sounds like glass hitting the floor after a fight
And tastes like poison spilled on the floor
It smells like burnt French toast that I wasn’t watching while you were arguing with him
It looks like rage in my eyes because of an unsettles fight
It makes me feel angry and terrified of being hit

Jealousy is the color of blood dripping
It sounds like the screaming voice in my head telling me not to give in
It tastes like a salty tear that has been shed
It smells like an over-used garbage bag
It looks like a room beginning to fade away with fear
It makes me feel insecure

Jealousy is the color of that black phone I own that your boyfriend would check and get angry about
It sounds like me kicking and screaming because he won’t let you go
It tastes like the dryness of my mouth
It smells like the fresh new wounds that I have from you and your boyfriend fighting
It looks like the fresh new bruises I have
It makes me feel like I was always being watched and stalked by my ex-boyfriend

Jealousy is the wall that makes me feel closed in life, when I’m really not. Because, he would treat me that way.

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