The Storm

January 2, 2010
Thunders dance and roar.
Lightning flashes happily.
The sea wages its war.
But the ship sailed on.
The sky was colored black; the horizon was blurred.
The rain came down; the whirlpools turned and the waterspouts raged.
But the flag shone on.
The thunder said angrily.
The lightning shot all over; purple and neon; yellow and blue.
But the ship sailed on.
The storm got worse.
Was there any hope for the ship?
The flag was dancing.
The sea was raging; twisting and turning!
The waterspouts converged and they were clashing1
The earth was shaking
The lightning was blinding
The thunder was deafening
But the ship sailed on.
The flag was laughing.
It saw the horizon through the storm.
The sunlight pierced through the abysmal clouds
The horizon was there.
Then it was there.
On top of the dusty mast.
There was a flag.
In tiny bold words it was written
“To reach the horizon; where the sun and the sea meet
To sail the sea forever with glee
To fight with might for what is right
Until we reach…
The resolution our flag had promised”
The storm was over.
The blue sky shone on.

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