Only Last A While

January 2, 2010
By Rosanna1120 SILVER, Cincinati, Ohio
Rosanna1120 SILVER, Cincinati, Ohio
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Artificial smiles only last a while

With school drama and his working late

Sometimes it’s just too much to take,

But no tears can there be

Just back not my diary for me


Artificial smiles only last a while

The yelling begins

And my only hope is to escape to a friend’s,

But no sadness with there be

Only forced laughter for me


Artificial smiles only last a while

I have to laugh or I will cry

At all these failed attempts to try,

But no I love you back for me

Just one more mile to run will there be


No smile can only last a while

Now I’m not even leaving my room

Being around them just seems too soon,

But no pity should there be

I just want somebody not to judge and listen to me


No smile can only last a while

Once again I’m not good enough

Did you ever think your standards are just too tough,

But no complements for me

Just more time with friends will there be


Frowns can only last a while

No shoulder today, my friends aren’t home, I’m all alone

And I’m sure in my attitude it’s shown,

Be no crying for me

Just one more attempt shall there be


Everyone must look all and well

So no one can ever tell

But no secrets from my friends will there be

My true friends know the secrets in me

I hope tears only last for a while

The author's comments:
This poem was based off songs I heard while listening to the radio station Air 1.

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