Slipped Up

January 2, 2010
By Anonymous

The skin turns red
And starts to puff up
Then the blood pours out
Into a little cup
It starts to overflow
And doesn’t seem to stop
My body becomes week and then I drop
Onto the ground
That’s where I lay
For all eternity
That’s where I’ll stay
I don’t want the pain
But I don’t want it to go
If my eyes stay open
I can watch it flow
I broke my promise
And slipped up again
I wish my life
Would come to its end
I don’t want to feel
The pain anymore
As much as I hate it
I still want more
From what I can see
It doesn’t look that bad
Even though I slipped up
I am kind of glad
Glad that the pain
Never leaves my side
Even when I run away
Or try to hide
Because deep down inside
I know what I am
And people might know
But I don’t give a damn

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