Illusion 12/8/09

January 2, 2010
By MisunderstoodBeauty BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
MisunderstoodBeauty BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Dying slowly dying
Again I lay down and keep from crying
No step back, stop trying
Love regret me, Love forget me
I wanna be
To be I want
All of you
Only you
Apart of you
Apart from you
Risk, the risk dont take
Heart pumping; Heart, heart
Slowly break
I take
It's called time, breath
Yes, yes breath
Trust, love, patience, faith, and believe
Watch, step, stairs, step
Slowly tire, dont trip
Trip then fell
Flip, DAMN go get what's called grip
Grip yes hold on have faith for love
Ha! No something is now, never, maybe, once, never was
Faith, ah yes... Is that thee name?
Vain, hate, vain, I love hate... Ugh no once again
Tear, each time its tears I cry
Yes love lies
Lies. I die
Pain kills, kills stabs then heals
Patience requires alot
Stab it now, yes walk away
No, gone leave go away
You should stay
Don take to break
Mate to hate
Love to cry
To tell the story of how I tried myth, love of a myth
Has it been proved belief of legit
Roll over to think and cry
Then die

The author's comments:
Ma ex broke ma heart

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