Doorway of Water to Water

January 1, 2010
By Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
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It stands,
shrouded in mist,
in the depths of uncertainty,
and despair,
hope and euphoria,
it symbolizes achievement,
and survival,
to push through the dark,
and unseen,
to leave a mark,
and show our passion,
for whatever the world may bring.

The author's comments:
I was near a lake, and out, a few hundred feet from shore, was what looked like the basic model of a door. I thought if we could build doors out there, we could do basically anything, no matter how pointless or idiotic. We could do it. I later found out it was the remains of a fixture for water preservation, which had been destroyed by the hurricane.

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