January 1, 2010
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One foot in front of the other,
then faster.
A rock sticks in the arch of bare feet,
but the pace increases.
Now running full tilt,
only a short distance left.
Air pelting against a bare chest,
trunks plasted against skin.
A few verses break through the rush of air,
the song causes a smile.
Memories of good times and good people, it's a good song.
Leaping into the air.
Closed eyes.
Arms spread feignting flight.
A slight tuck and twist through the air.
Breaking the surface of the water.
Water over skin...
Gently arching up, all pain forgotten,
along with all else but the moment.

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kungfud00d said...
Jan. 29, 2010 at 7:44 pm
CnC plz...
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