don't leave

January 1, 2010
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come back,come back to me,my heart doth ache when you leave my know how much i need you,you worry me when you leave,i want you back.can't you tell how much i love you,i wouldn't be anything without you.come back home.the minutes you are away i think of how you felt,the hours you are away i worry about you,the days you where away i relized how much i loved you.come back,come back to me,you must know how much i need you,don't go away,stay with me through the minutes,the hours and the days.when you left for so long,my heart never ached so bad in my life,i know you ache,but don't leave me,don't leave me.i'm glad your here now,stay ever by my side,when you hurt,don't leave,for i will hurt with you.stay with me and i will weep with you and pour my empathy over you,but don't leave me,i still need you.

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