Comfort Amongst Trial

January 1, 2010
Two years ago she walked into
a seemingly ordinary building.
The sound of silence was as deafening
as fireworks. The sensation she felt
was just like fireworks. Not a feeling
of excitement, but a feeling of awe.
So unbelievable.

She passed through the empty room,
seeing, not grasping the situation. Her
memory recounted times she had with
the last of them. Her favorite lying still
as life moved about.
But was it really life?
Or was the life being sucked out of the living?
An eerie feeling.

Moving, but not going anywhere, she
stood next to her safety. One by one
strangers and familiar ones passed,
shaking hands. The air ringed,
offering apologies. But it was not their
faults. So who’s was it?
Cancer is the culprit.

Two years later she still
does not understand why. But she
has started to accept the unacceptable.
Often wishing that time could have
been held back just a little longer.
She wishes cancer could be stopped
from stealing part of her life and love,
leaving only memories behind.
But what she does understand is
that the Unseen sees her, that the
Unknown knows her, that the Unloved
loves her.

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