He Calls Me Baby

January 1, 2010
By jenna_rose_17 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
jenna_rose_17 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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He calls me baby
Tells me I’m his only lady
He is never acting shady
So there is never a reason to worry
I wait to hear his voice
I don’t think I have a choice
I love him and I don’t know how
All I can ever say around him is wow
He is always surprising me
Never fails to tell me
Whatever is on his mind
I don’t know how or why
I just want to cry
I’m scared its going to hurt if he ever leaves
I’ll be like a bare tree with no leafs.
I love him
no fake trim
he is everything
don’t want him to change a thing
stay the same
or you’ll be to blame
love is uncontrollable
I don’t think this is tolerable
The way I love him it’s real
So all the people who don’t believe will just have to deal!
Its not all kisses
Sometimes you get mad and there are disses
We always make up
Try not to mess up
He is always on my side
Even when it messes up his own pride
Same goes for me
I will never leave
I never wanna fight
It isn’t worth it right?
Him and I are tight
He is the brightest light
I love him more than I should
I didn’t know I could
I don’t know if I’m capable
But if its possible
I will never go
Even though
It may hurt and I may cry
I’d rather die
I never wanna be alone
Or waiting by the phone
When I could be with him
and even be kissin
I love him too much
If he leaves I know I’ll feel the crunch
My heart will break
He can have whatever he wants to take
I know he won’t hurt me
I hope he feels the same way as me
He is my BABY
And I will always be his LADY

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I started dating my current boyfriend. He really was my everything! So tell me what you think I need to work on!! Thanks

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