Frozen Firelight

January 1, 2010
Black ice of crystalized snow tears melt onto the highway,
slicking over the road and freezing the ground with a painful shove into winter.
Cars scatter and slide over the deadly wetness,
whose hatred is made solid in serial-killing form.
With large, crying eyes the sky looks down apon the blackened highway;
its growing pile of flaming metal;
releasing its sadness in cooling flakes.
But the freezing, pain-filled ice doesn't relent,
in fact,
it gets worse,
and more burning debri is piled on the edge of that broken highway,
the sky sobbing,
tears drenching the smoldering embers,
causing time to stop,
death to freeze,
and the world to gasp in horrified awe at the flaming, grey,
broken highway;
the death that surounds all of those chilling mounds of killing ice
with a silken blanket of sprinkled snow lightly resting on top,
glinting like diamonds in the firelight.

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