The Makeover

January 1, 2010
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My spirit was fake
My smile as well
But for everyone’s sake
I said all was swell

I know they judged
Wondering how someone could be
So happy and loved
When you were as ugly as me

Truth is, no one cared
Not a single soul gave me the time of day
In the halls people were dared
To even look my way

Inside I was falling apart
My smile slowly began to fade
Along with the desires in my heart
And the dreams hid in the shade

I grew tired of hearing
The whispers and taunts
Every time I could feel the tears nearing
Because of the pressure to fulfill their wants

So one day I grabbed the wheel
Decided to take control
Finding a way to heal
So I would once again feel whole

They said there could be complications
But the pain to be pretty needed to be eased
Even if I was one of the youngest patients
I no longer want to be teased

It took some time to recover
The scars were an easy fix
Now all I had to do was recreated and rediscover
So I could be one of that boy’s top picks

The mirror quickly became a friend
Even thought it was all a lie
Since my heart still wouldn’t mend
And I could not figure out why

Soon I realised I wasn’t any more confident in the halls
I hadn’t found love, only lust
All because I couldn’t tear down those walls
To give someone a chance, someone who deserved my trust

A part of me had died
Until a friend convinced me to take a stride
Because a simple makeover couldn’t hide
What I had to show from the inside

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