The Final Chapter

January 1, 2010
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A moan of pain
Sent tears in my eyes
From this, what did we gain?
What did we learn after someone dies?

Life is a test
With questions we cannot guess
It’s live and let learn
And the answers we may earn

But her life didn’t last long
She hadn’t had time to figure this all out
Didn’t God see it was wrong?
Now it was my faith that won doubt

Her body so small and cold
Even her hand I could not hold
She couldn’t move, simply too frail
And her beautiful skin, now looked pale

The doctors said it was the final chapter
Of her love filled life and crucial disease
All I could hope was to see her after
All I could do was ask please

That someday in heaven
I’ll walk through the gate
See the light, and start livin’
The afterlife God wanted to create

I’ll run into her arms, she’ll hold me tight
She’ll whisper in my ear, “You’ll be alright”
I’ll remember all that I forgot over the years
And together we’ll cry a river full of tears

But for now I live on this earth
Do my job and give birth
Hoping my child will get to know
The mother that loves her so

Because I hadn’t been so lucky
I lost someone so important, so young
The way life works is funny
And today her last song will be sung

I will be sure to make her proud
For a great life I am bound
Though today I still need to grieve
Because just two minutes ago did she leave

I’ve learned during our time here on land
We may travel on smooth sand
Following Jesus' steps we may fall behind
And become very blind

As we come across a bumpy road
Our mind may want to explode
From all the stress we have to overcome
People telling us what to become

No matter what we find our way back
We follow His footsteps back on track
If this universe throws us a strife
We always return to the road of life

Mom, please look down upon me
I’ll try to make you as happy as can be
Don’t forget that I carry around your love
And someday we’ll meet again, up above

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