What really Matter

January 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Whats the point of talking when no one will really listen.

They ask you how you feel.

You tell them and the write it off as something else

You say whats really on your mind and they use it against you.

You try to do what you know is best for you

They shoot you down at any chance they get.

They won't listen

Even if you scream for help.

So what's the point of even staying

Let alone living.

You can be broken beyond repair

And they try to force you back together

Pretend like nothing is shattered or broken

They want you be and act happy

When really your screaming out in pain

You want what you know is right for you

And they don't give a f*** on how you fell

They through back out there

Telling you want they want you to be

They try to control ever bit of your life

Stating that your judgement is impaired

Saying your just a kid that doesn't know anything

But you've been through a lot other people don't know about

You keep quite and let them do what they want.

Then it starts all over

You wind up hurt

Alone as if no one cares about you

You catch on to what their doing

But do you understand it ?

Maybe you do.

Maybe you get the strength to fight back

Learn to take control of what you want.

Then they try to take that away.

No longer are you what you want to be

Your what they want you to be.

Maybe you learn

Or maybe it finally crumbles

You can't find any other way out

And you finally drown in your life

It swallows you whole

And now your no longer alive

Now think back

Is this how you want to end up

Dead or do you want to be alive

Do you want to end up in a hospital room

Thinking what got you here

Mind wondering What the hell did you do

You Finally relize that you are you want to be

And now you make the Decision

Fight or die

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