Purple Oceans

January 1, 2010
Purple Oceans swell around my feet,
the tide pulling me into its foamy depths,
down, under the waves I fall,
head no longer above the surface,
but plunged into the purple-tinted waves.
The green seaweed of Envy grasps at my ankles,
in an attempt to pull me back to shore,
a terrible, sandy shore, turned black with Depression,
red with Hatred.
From every branch of every tree hanging into the water,
a monster of my Past swings,
haunting me,
shouting out those Secrets better left conceiled.
But my body has materialized into those crested waves,
just an illusion,
a reflection,
of who I used to be.
And so I swim,
through that purple ocean of Hope,
towards the distant yellow mountains of Happiness;
towards a rose-colored shore where Love blooms,
Wild and Untouched;
toward the pale blue in a sky of Diamonds,
sparkling with Laughter.
in a purple ocean,
allowing the waves to swallow me,
and carry me into that distant land,
Worry Free.

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