January 1, 2010
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And there she goes,
My joy in a sea of apathy
my light in eternal darkness
My eternal fire in a bone-chilling blizzard
My wings in the everlasting sky
Her hair flying with the wind
Her scent pure as a sun-filled meadow
She smiles with such grace that the heavens weep for it
Her eyes as brown as autumn’s first leaf
And there she goes never to be mine
And yet still there haunting me
As she walks with him
Giving him the blessing I long for
So I take what I have
Without my joy I’ll take the apathy
Without my light I’ll take the darkness
Without my fire I’ll take the blizzard
Without her I’ll take the immoral life
And run tearing off what’s left of the life I had

And be...Gone

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mikey123 said...
Apr. 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm
touching. every time i read this it meakes me think of "her"(mine) and how shes not mine and how im still surviving through it all. this poem has really become one of the rocks that i stand on.
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