here we go again

December 31, 2009
By xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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"life will only controll youh if youh let it"

a silent stare only my eyes there,and for once he doesnt eevn realize that my view is locked on him. this time we're surrounded, once again im broken and quiet. him nto even looking at me i could tell his eyes grew dull and dim over me. the walls of my mending heart open, my arms crossed and shutt. its been a while since i was able to need and hate him so much. things are repeating themselves here we go again, its gettin colder through these winter days. this month is almost up and things are so out of place, im praying on all ive got that its all just another december phase.

The author's comments:
its been over for a while now and ive gott a new boyfriend since thanksgivving ngiht but everyone who read my s*** knows that no matter how strong my feelings get for the new guy it will never be the same as the other guy. last december wuzznt good at all, and things are starting all over i juss wish it wuld go away and bring him bakk

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