swallowed by darnkess

January 11, 2010
By , Latham, NY
when i get swallowed by darkness
you are the light
that brings me back through that
endless dark hole
where i thought i was helpless
black against black
for no one to see
and gone forever

when my life gets tough
you are the tough
in me
the glue
that holds me together
before i do something really stupid

when you ask me if i’m okay
i spill like a glass of milk
and i cry
all my secrets
to you and no one else
the secrets
the deepest darkest ones that no one
seem to never realize
could ever ever happen
to me

you yourself have troubles
that even I don’t know of
you unselfish little creature
thinking only of me
holding me in your arms
i feel safe
like nothing can touch me

i owe you
one day, when i find you
again, in a hole
in a corner somewhere
and you’re in your worst hour
of need
i will help you
like you did
once before
in my worst hour,
thank you, my friend

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