My Dream

January 11, 2010
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All I saw was stars,
Or at least I thought they were.
They all moved in the summer
Air, and flickered.

These were not stars.

Orion smiled down on me,
Vowing his eternal protection
To me and my partner, as did
The Zodiacs, vowing their special
Abilities to retain logic.

These were stars.

My jar magnified these,
As did something else.
I caught the fake, fluorescent
Stars in the jar, and saw twice
As many in his eyes.
They magnified the majesty
Of the air and what it contained
And revealed his Awe

I loved him.

I picked the hay from
His hair and he tucked mine
Behind my ear. As he held
Me tight and I lay in
His arms, he whispered in
My ear three words. These
Fields whisked serenely at
The queer sight, and all was
Well. Then, the nightmare:

I woke up.

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