In Your Eyes

January 11, 2010
In your eyes I see my reflection
Blinded in the dark, I don't look right
The shadows under my eyes bleed down my face
Without my soul's warmth I cry
Time begins to move but I stand still
Living becomes unreal to me
Emotions being robbed from my heart
With every breath it gets harder to breath

In your eyes I see my reflection
Passing seconds, I slowly die away
You grab my arms to steady my body
But your lips remain still with nothing to say
My last breath leaves me with a gasp of pain
You hold me tighter as my heart stops beating
Death stops being a fear and becomes an experience
My body becomes motionless, my life is fading

In your eyes I still see my reflection
My soul gets ripped away from the arms of an angel
It returns to the body it once left behind
Emotions return from every angle
The shadows that were once my tears become my home
Darkness becomes light and Light becomes my enemy
To open my eyes again was my worst nightmare
To see the monster still in front of me

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