Just Like A Rain Droplet.

January 10, 2010
By JRudnicki SILVER, Lewisburg, Ohio
JRudnicki SILVER, Lewisburg, Ohio
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You see me,
You don't really see me.
It's like looking out the window,
But focusing on a rain droplet that's rolling down.
You're looking,
But you're not really seeing.
Sometimes I wonder if I, the blurry backdrop,
Could be bright enough to reflect my vibrance through the droplet,
If you would change your state of focus?
Like looking through a magnifying glass.
I wonder,
It hasn't happened.
So for right now I guess I am content
Being the blurry backdrop.
Maybe one day you will look,
And really see.

The author's comments:
I was actually watching a rain droplet roll down my windshield and it amazed me how I could focus on just that little thing, and completely miss the scenery behind it. Inspiration in a nutshell.

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