January 10, 2010
By Rahhal. PLATINUM, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Rahhal. PLATINUM, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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With nothing on my side,
It’s like a victory
As I smile three-quarter turn to stage right.
We’re more important than the audience anyway…
That’s how I remember it.
You’re nothing but a pipe bomb
Playing out your mysteries like a
Poorly-conceived plot to eat the world.
Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah.
So what’s not palpable?
A heart stopped,
Through the squish and fluid of it all,
Might still beat again.
Plausible, sure. Livid, yes. But lie?
Of course!
Whatever it takes for those last three quarters;
They’ll buy me your envy.
Carbonated envy.

The author's comments:
breakups. :/

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