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To You

January 10, 2010
By sameoldmouse BRONZE, Rochester, Indiana
sameoldmouse BRONZE, Rochester, Indiana
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"Things aren't accomplished through patience, but through intuition and persistence." - Danny Southard

I don’t know why this is so hard.
It’s not just me that dwells within this body.
Like the two poles, I too have an opposite.
I feel so strongly about you.
Every crumbling thing in my life is cemented back into place
by your being there.
Yet I was not prepared to find you at this intersection on my long rocky path.
We seem to be opposites in so many ways,
but so same that we can connect through feelings alone.
Journeying through my dark alleys and abysses of my soul
I find light in you, strength in you.
I know that you too are haunted by darkness
and everyday I wish to be your cure.

I don’t know why this is so hard.
Nothing worth keeping is ever easy to keep.
I have been given a gift,
and the hardest part is opening it.
Unveiling what is beneath the beautiful wrapping
is an alluring masterpiece, you.
The challenge to open this gift
resides not within my hands, but within me.
As I search to find the meaning behind my struggle
I find you at every turn.

I know why this is so hard.
My life has been an empty, desolate trek
twisted in hate and madness that has fused into my core.
My darkness has engulfed me, and now shares my soul.
My insecurities derive from this darkness,
because you are my light, the light I never thought I would find.
To extinguish the light, could be my destruction.
To let it burn brighter could also be my ruin.
You are more to me than you realize.
I hope that someday I can fill in the blank.
I _____ you.

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