Be Young Again

January 10, 2010
By Amy A SILVER, Preston, Kent, Other
Amy A SILVER, Preston, Kent, Other
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I won’t ever drop a cigarette
Still burning to the floor
I won’t ever break a heart
Still walk carefree out his door
I won’t ever drink so much
That I forget what I am drinking for
Or smoke a spliff and make a wish
And pass out on the floor
I won’t ever hate myself
Or with a knife blade make a score
On the lining of my wrist
Fall out to sea. Wait on the shore.
I won’t ever let the tide come in
Salt water fill my pores
I won’t ever long to die
I will remember what I live for.
I won’t ever cast contempt
Or lay the blame unless I’m sure
And I won’t ever hate the old
If I can live my youth once more.

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