Cheated on Cheater

January 10, 2010
By music_angel_16 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
music_angel_16 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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You cheated on me,
too many times to count.
Now you've been cheated on,
and you came to me for help.
How does it feel,
to be on the other side?
Does it kill you,
deep inside?
Are you going to cheat again.
now that you've felt the pain?
Maybe you'll think next time,
you want to break someone's trust.
I laughed when i heard.
I know that's cruel,
yet so are you.
You got what you deserved in the end,
and i couldn't be happier.
I wish it would've been me,
that made you cry,
but it wasn't,
so i couldn't cause you to die inside.

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