Jump then Fall.

January 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Have you ever wanted to feel the adrenaline run through your spine? To feel the wind tangle your hair, to shake it violently? I want to feel that burning pulse through my body. The freedom of no fear. I want all these things. But my mind can go wild with assumptions. I haven’t even left land yet. I’m still staring down at how high my fall will be. My hands tighten around the safety gear. I want to jump. I breathe in a breath of fresh air. I can almost feel the exhilaration this will give me. But I just can not bring myself to do it. What if I fall? I can break. This is a wild jump. Can I take my chances on love? What is love? God, why do I want it so bad? What if the safety gear doesn’t work? Then when I fall, who will catch me? My heart will be broken into a million pieces. I know it. This jump is too steep for the mild at heart. I just cant do it. After a struggle with her own self, she walks away like the coward that she is. From the ride that awaits her, with glaring eyes so penetrating. She will never know what‘s its like to experience the jump for herself.

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